[pgpool-general: 4759] Re: Cannot create pgpool_adm extension with pgpool 3.5.3

Devrim Gündüz devrim at gunduz.org
Tue Jul 5 15:42:09 JST 2016


On Mon, 2016-07-04 at 13:34 +0000, Avi Weinberg wrote:
> For some reason pgpool_adm.control cannot be found anywhere on the disk after
> pgpool 3.5.3 installation.  Is it missing from the installation or I'm doing
> something wrong
> [root at postgres_server1 ~]# su - postgres -c 'psql pgpool -c "CREATE EXTENSION
> pgpool_adm WITH SCHEMA pgpool ;"'
> ERROR:  could not open extension control file "/usr/pgsql-
> 9.5/share/extension/pgpool_adm.control": No such file or directory

Assuming that you are using PGDG RPMs, please install pgpool-II-95-extensions
RPM for that. Extensions are packaged separately:

# rpm -ql pgpool-II-95-extensions|grep pgpool_adm


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