[pgpool-general: 4371] Re: How can I connect PostgreSQL database tthough pgpool?

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Just to expand on this PGPool is categorized as “middleware” this is the correct term but it’s not constructive on how it’s used and how you’re supposed to interact with it.  Just that it sits between the client and actual database.

To put it plainly: pgpool lives “inside” postgres and the only way you interact with pgpool is through the same postgresql connection call BUT with the pgpool port number specified in your pgpool.conf file (search for port setting).

Something like "psql -h pgpoolhostname -U someuser -p 9999 -W postgres” where 9999 is the port of the pgpool connection.

Let me know if this is not clear enough and I’ll try to explain it better.  


> On Jan 28, 2016, at 5:52 AM, Dang Minh Huong <kakalot49 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> You can connect to database through pgpool-II with port which is defined in pgpool.conf (parameter “port").
> Take a look at manual, there are several parameters you also need to configure too.
> http://www.pgpool.net/docs/latest/pgpool-en.html#config <http://www.pgpool.net/docs/latest/pgpool-en.html#config>
> Best regards,
> bocap
>> On Jan 28, 28 Heisei, at 17:46, Giles Gomes <giles.gomes at retailephant.com <mailto:giles.gomes at retailephant.com>> wrote:
>> Hello Tatsuo,
>> I have install pgpool and pgpoolAdmin in one server and there is two database servers under this pgpool server, one working as Primary and another as Standby. Replication is working fine.
>> Please let me know how I can connect postgresql database through pgpool.
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