[pgpool-general: 4352] Re: pgpool master to master

Piotr Gbyliczek piotr.gbyliczek at reconnix.com
Fri Jan 22 19:52:51 JST 2016

On Thursday 21 January 2016 08:44:02 Alessandro - Infopix wrote:
> Hi,

> I need configuration in which have two server active. I need live replica
> synchronous of database.
> Can I find an example of configuration?
> I thought to install pgpool on every two server and put on server 1's pgpool
> server1 and server2 as node..on server2's pgpool server 2 and server 1 as
> node.
> In this way the app on server 1 can connect to server1's pgpool (postgresdb)
> and the app on server 2 can connect to server2's pgpool (postgresdb).

What is your goal here ? 

It seems from your first sentence that you are trying to do master-master 
postgres, which is not really possible at this moment (apart from pglogical, 
which was just released on 9.5).  

Even if you try and configure two separate pgpool servers configured to use 
different ports and thus forming two pgpool pools, you are still limited by the 
fact that your replica is read only, and both pools will be directing writes 
to the same primary. 

The configuration example you are referencing later on is IMHO better approach 
to load balancing and HA, you set up two servers with one pool, VIP and 
watchdog. That way your pgpool does load balancing, watchdog and VIP provides 

I think fiddling with two pgpool pools will provide nothing at cost of 
complicating of the setup.


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