[pgpool-general: 4329] Connection Pool

Derek derek_kouch at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jan 15 08:54:43 JST 2016


I'm trying to understand how the connection pool works. Whether I'm getting a connection leak.

Pgpool v3.4
Postgres v9.3.10
Rhel v7.1

I have 2 applications, the first application A monitors postgres via pgpool. It connects and disconnects continuously every few minutes. The second is an application B that starts up in the morning and stays connected for the whole day, and shutdowns down at night. Both applications use different user accounts to log into Postgres.

What I've noticed is that in pgpool admin it shows that there are processes that share the same connection even though the username/database/client ip connection combo is different. Though one shows front end connected (app B) and the other is disconnected (app A). Is this ok?

On the pgpool box, it only shows the connected application B in the list of processes.

On the Postgres box, it shows both the disconnected app A and the connected app B. I think it is due to what is shown in pgpoolAdmin. The disconnect app A holds an open database connection, even though the app A is no longer running. This connection doesn't disconnect until app B does.

How can I stop this from happening?

Kind regards,

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