[pgpool-general: 4328] pgpool-II 3.5 RC1 is now released

Yugo Nagata nagata at sraoss.co.jp
Thu Jan 14 20:07:31 JST 2016

Pgpool-II 3.5 RC1 is now relased. pgpoolAdmin 3.5 RC1 is also released
This is not a stable version but just for developers.

V3.5 has a new feature:

* Improved performance in extended query protocol
* Overcoming the thundering herd problem
* watchdog feature enhancements to be more robust and adaptable
* PCP command enhancements
* Import PostgreSQL 9.5 parser

See for detail:

You can download it from:

Yugo Nagata <nagata at sraoss.co.jp>

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