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Thanks, Pablo!

Good to know PostgreSQL support partitions natively. The only drawback - it
seems that spreading those partitions across few nodes is still not

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 5:01 PM, Pablo Sanchez <pablo at blueoakdb.com> wrote:

> [ Comments below, in-line ]
> On 01/08/2016 09:36 AM, Pavels Gurskis wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi Paul,
> [ Inquiry about data partitioning ]
> IMO, where pgpool-II really shines is being able to distribute
> read-only queries across a Streaming Replication set up.  For example,
> A Master database, using synchronous Streaming Replication to keep a
> Slave up to date.  I'm not sure how you plan on leveraging pgpool-II.
> For example, let's say you have a single PG Instance.  Initially
> you'll set up the DB server with fast and slow storage.  You'll create
> your partitions on the respective storage.
> Next, you'll populate the data.  Supposing you have three months
> total, your initial partition definitions will place the data in the
> respective partitions:  slow vs fast storage.
> After one month, you'll want to manually move the previous month over
> to the slower storage and place new data into the fast storage.
> I think the above handles what you want to do.  But only with a single
> PG Instance.
> If you set up synchronous Streaming Replication, you'll need to
> replicate the above in the Slave.  Once done, I think it'd be worth
> introducing pgpool-II to Load Balance read-only queries.
> In short, I don't think you need Parallel Query and/or pgpool-II's
> data partitioning capabilities.  :)  But perhaps I'm wrong.
> Anyway, the above are my thoughts .... a bit of a brainstorming.
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