[pgpool-general: 4288] Pgpool watchdog 3.4

Derek derek_kouch at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 5 15:33:47 JST 2016


I've got a split brain question. Sorry for the long email.

If the master pgpool server is disconnected from the network but is still running, when it reconnects after 10 minutes or longer, the master pgpool server's watchdog is still thinks it is still the master and it thinks the other pgpool server is down. However, it has lost the virtual ip to a new master. So when the new master is down, the old master does not get the virtual ip back because it still thinks it is already the master. In the end, the virtual ip is down.

Does the watchdog communicate with each other after reconnecting to the network after a long absence?

Is there a setting that I need to set to get the watchdogs to talk to each and to resolve who is the true master and who should get control of the virtual ip?

Kind regards,

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