[pgpool-general: 4282] Re: Pgpool - connection hangs in DISCARD ALL

Gerhard Wiesinger lists at wiesinger.com
Mon Jan 4 06:39:28 JST 2016

On 31.12.2015 10:50, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
>> Yes, reconfigured. Keep you up2date. Any fix for the logic possible?
> Yes, I'm thinking now.

Still hangs even with child_max_connections = 0, same stack trace.

>> BTW: Maybe this has already been discussed but if I understood it
>> correctly there is no global pool available.
>> http://www.pgpool.net/mediawiki/index.php/FAQ#Why_max_connection_must_satisfy_this_formula_max_connection_.3E.3D_.28num_init_children_.2A_max_pool.29_and_not_max_connection_.3E.3D_num_init_children.3F
>> That means if the wrong client is selected a new backend connection is
>> opened. Even when another idle client would have another idle backend
>> already opened.
>> Wouldn't it be better to have a global backend pool?
>> Also ressource usage is much higher (num_init_children * max_pool).
> Not really unless you want to open many pair of user and database
> concurrently.  (remember that each pool is assigned to different
> combination of user and database pair. If there's only one such that
> combination, the number of necessary pool is 1).

But each pool can handle only one client connection, right?. Therefore 
when multiple client connections are necessary (e.g. web application) 
with different username/database connections and the wrong connection is 
selected a new backend connection will be opened, right? Maybe you can 
clarify this.

>> Any ideas on that or possible changes?
> One idea is, when a client connects to one of pgpool child process and
> it has not opened requested connection yet, and there's other pgpool
> child process has an idle and requested connection, we could move the
> fd to the requested process by using a technique so called "file
> descriptor passing".
> Question is, in a long run, each child process is likely to have same
> set of user and database. If so, above technique is useless and it
> just adds unnecessary complexity.

Which syscalls are involved in file descriptor passing?



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