[pgpool-general: 5205] superuser: unknown (Connection error) in pgpoolAdmin (PgPoolAdmin 3.5.1/PgPool 3.5.5/PostgreSQL 9.6.1)

Amit Kumar amit2special at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 17:23:08 JST 2016

I have a problem with pgpoolAdmin. Though I am logged in as "postgres" user
which is superuser also. I see following after login:

   - superuser: unknown (Connection error)

Also, I see following query returns correct output:
# psql -h -p 5432 -U postgres -W template1 -c "SELECT usesuper
FROM pg_user WHERE usename = 'postgres'"
Password for user postgres:
(1 row)

Here is the pgpool IP running on port 5432.

And, my pg_hba.conf has following entries with respect to pgpool:
host all all trust

*Other Details:*
PgPoolAdmin Version : 3.5.1
PgPool Version : 3.5.5
PostgreSQL Version : 9.6.1

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