[pgpool-general: 5204] Question about document generation dependencies

John Harvey john.harvey at crunchydata.com
Thu Dec 29 03:58:52 JST 2016


I am becoming more familiar with building pgpool2 source code, and I had a
question about building the documentation.

When looking at doc/Makefile.in, I can see that a few dependencies are
needed: namely, openjade, docbook(various), and libxslt.  Even with those
installed, I am still having a few issues compiling the documents, and I
suspect that my build toolchain is still missing a few items.  I was
wondering if these dependencies are documented.  I have checked in two
places that I thought might have the answers, but had no luck:

Is the required toolchain for generating documentation available somewhere
(maybe I am looking in the wrong place)?

Thank you!
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