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I believe this is unquestionably a valid concern, but I believe there is a way to configure around it (those who know watchdog better will provide details, I’m sure). However, there’s still the problem that, having only one primary, if the corp link is down, half of the app can’t see across regions to a primary database…so you have a 50% or so outage instead of a full outage.

Again, I’d take a close look at Postgres-BDR…this is exactly the types of scenarios that it’s designed to handle.

Best of luck!


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What I’m concerned about is the corporate network link between the AWS regions going down and PgPool doing a failover.  Then I could have the East and West region both think they have a master and doing updates/inserts on each.  Then when the link comes back up, my databases are out of sync and I could lose data.

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Can you please explain a little more about your concerns of the split-brain situation you want to avoid?

As far as I understand from the architecture diagram the proposed deployment consists of four PostgreSQL servers (Two in each AWS availability zone) and the Pgpool-II servers in front of each PostgreSQL. And the Application servers can connect to any of the four available Pgpool-II, So this seems like an active-active Pgpool-II configuration. Which means you would not be using the floating-IP (delegate IP) with the Pgpool-II.

So if this is correct and you are not planing to use the floating IP and master-standby configuration of Pgpool-II, What worries you about the split-brain?

Best regards
Muhammad Usama

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