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What I’m concerned about is the corporate network link between the AWS regions going down and PgPool doing a failover.  Then I could have the East and West region both think they have a master and doing updates/inserts on each.  Then when the link comes back up, my databases are out of sync and I could lose data.

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Can you please explain a little more about your concerns of the split-brain situation you want to avoid?

As far as I understand from the architecture diagram the proposed deployment consists of four PostgreSQL servers (Two in each AWS availability zone) and the Pgpool-II servers in front of each PostgreSQL. And the Application servers can connect to any of the four available Pgpool-II, So this seems like an active-active Pgpool-II configuration. Which means you would not be using the floating-IP (delegate IP) with the Pgpool-II.

So if this is correct and you are not planing to use the floating IP and master-standby configuration of Pgpool-II, What worries you about the split-brain?

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