[pgpool-general: 5167] pgpool and jdbc pool

Mephysto mephystoonhell at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 15:49:50 JST 2016

Hi there,
I'm using pgpool to pooling connections for my Postgres cluster, and I'm
using a jdbc pooling in a Glassfish application server to connect a web
application to Postgres.

At the moment I have a strange behaviour for load balancing: I have two pg
nodes, a master and a slave, with the same weight, but queries are executed
almost exclusively to master. I'm using almost only stored functions and no
simple select queries. I tried to set up some filters to send queries to

It's there a way to monitor how pgpool drive the queries?

Is a good idea to use a jdbc pool to connect applications to pgpool?

Thanks in advance.

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