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Thanks David.

The VIP question is for PGPOOL watch dog failover, not the database failover. Sorry my question was not clear.

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For RHEL, use the rpm package, unless you simply cannot do it as root and don't have sudo privs.  I don't know if there's a tarball, but I'm sure someone will pipe in...

For automatic failover with PGPool, you don't need to move a VIP...PGPool (if configured correctly) will, once detecting the primary is down, 1) kill all app connections to the primary, 2) issue the pg_ctl promote on the standby (or whatever commands or script you've configured), then 3) reconnect all the app connections to the new primary...the app will see errors/disconnects while this is happening (takes a few seconds).

IMO, moving a VIP (or changing a DNS entry) is the worst possible way to failover a database...it almost guarantees you'll have a "split-brain" for some period of time.



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Subject: [pgpool-general: 5155] install pgpool II as non-root user

Is it possible to install pg-pool II as non-root user? Is Tar ball install available for RHEL?

If setting up pg-pool 11 primary and standby for redundancy, how is the VIP failover controlled?

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