[pgpool-general: 4613] initial setup help

CS DBA cs_dba at consistentstate.com
Tue Apr 5 05:34:48 JST 2016

Hi all;

I've setup a simple pg pool install:

1) installed postgresql95 postgresql95-server and postgresql95-contrib 
via the yum repo file found at yum.postgresql.org (centOS 6 x86_64)

2) setup 2 nodes (VM's) with postgres 9.5 as a master/slave (streaming 
replication and verified replication is working

3) installed pgpool on a 3rd VM:
yum install pgpool-II-95-extensions pgpoolAdmin pgpool-II-95

4) configured a basic pgpool.conf file based on a copy of 
pgpool.conf.sample-stream (in /etc/pgpool-II-95)

5) setup a basic pool_passwd file using the hash for the postgres user's 

6) setup a basic pcp.conf file with the same postgres user's password hash

7) was able to connect via psql -p 9999 -h localhost (on the pgpool VM

8) enabled the heartbeat in the pgpool.conf file but did not setup 
failover / failback commands

9) stopped the postgresql master db

10) my connection to pgpool (step 7 above) printed this:
/server closed the connection unexpectedly//
//        This probably means the server terminated abnormally//
//        before or while processing the request.//
//The connection to the server was lost. Attempting reset: Succeeded./

11) restarted the backend master

Now I can connect to pgpool (as in step 7 above) but I always connect to 
the slave. How can I tell pgpool to return to connecting to the master?

Running a pcp_node_count shows 2 but I suspect I'm skipping a 'failback' 
step of some kind.

thanks in advance

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