[pgpool-general: 4239] pgpool load balancing & md5 question

Roman Barczyński rombar at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 20:40:40 JST 2015


I have 2 read-only backends for select queries and I'd like to setup pgpool
load balancing for them without using md5 pool_passwd file on pgpool

When I setup pgpool with only one backend like this:

enable_pool_hba = off
pool_passwd = ''
backend_hostname0 = 'pg2'

it works as I want to, that is first auth is passed to backend, then
stored, clients can connect without problems:

DEBUG: pid 17273: pool_do_auth: auth kind:5
DEBUG: pid 17273: trying md5 authentication
DEBUG: pid 17273: DB node id: 0 salt: 58d222bc
DEBUG: pid 17273: 0 th backend: name: session_authorization value:
DEBUG: pid 17273: pool_send_auth_ok: send pid 31831 to frontend

Issues start when I add second backend:

enable_pool_hba = off
pool_passwd = ''
backend_hostname0 = 'pg2'
backend_hostname1 = 'pg3'

clients get "password authentication failed" and pgpool logs:

DEBUG: pid 17328: pool_do_auth: auth kind:5
DEBUG: pid 17328: trying md5 authentication
ERROR: pid 17328: pool_get_passwd: username is NULL
DEBUG: pid 17328: do_md5: (null) does not exist in pool_passwd
DEBUG: pid 17328: do_md5failed in slot 0

is it by design or bug?

Roman Barczyński
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