[pgpool-general: 4238] Connecting PgPool with Tableau

Mauricio Cacho Gutiérrez mcacho at storecheck.com
Thu Nov 26 07:10:06 JST 2015

Hello, I'm trying to connect Tableau to our database Postgresql via PgPool,
for load Balance. 

I have Postgresql configured with Streaming Replication between one master
and two slaves. And have another server running PgPool for load balance. All
of this running correctly for the tests that we've done, I can connect via
PgPool from another computer, and even connected some app we have and works
fine, PgPool connects with servers with no problem. The thing is, when I try
to connect Tableau to my PgPool server i got an Error:

"The connection to the data source might have been lost"

"Communication with the Tableau Protocol Server process was lost" 

And checking the logs in my PgPool server I see that it receives the
connection, and Tableau does some queries... I guess some to get the tables
in the DB, but it says something like:

statement:  -- statement does not return rows




INTO TEMPORARY TABLE "#Tableau_0_1_Connect"





but I'm guessing it can't get anything... and later Tableau tries to do some



declare "SQL_CUR00000033237CDCD0" cursor for


select relname, nspname, relkind...."

but gets an error:

FATAL: unable to Execute


DETAIL: unable to get bind message

I don't know if I should configure something else, I'm guessing is some
PgPool configuration, but don't know what it can be.

I tried to execute the same exact statements (both of them) in a terminal in
another computer and i get rows, with the same user and password, so it's
not a privilege thing... 

Is there a special configuration to execute cursors in PgPool? The user is
postgres, so it’s a super user.


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