[pgpool-general: 4235] pgpool load balancing performance

Ken Young Ken.Young at sas.com
Fri Nov 20 22:35:23 JST 2015

Hey folks,

Is anyone seeing acceptable load balance scaling with pgpool-II, particularly with JDBC clients?  With one to four replicas, we are not seeing any throughput performance enhancements at all.  Through Google, I did find this article:


The results that we are seeing are similar to the reported 100 client and 300 client models that EDB tested.  We are not seeing the pop that EDB's 1000 client model shows.  Also, what load balancing tuning options are suggested?  The article mentions adjusting the primary data server backend_weight.  We haven't tried this yet, but I'm presuming that this will help with the read query throughput.

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