[pgpool-general: 4193] Re: kind does not match between master(0) slot[0] (52)

Ziyun Audrey Wang ziyun.wang at ericsson.com
Fri Nov 13 07:18:18 JST 2015



We did re-produce the problem.


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Subject: Re: [pgpool-general: 4191] kind does not match between master(0) slot[0] (52)

> Hello
> We have
> # pgpool -version
>  pgpool-II version 3.4.2 (tataraboshi)
> we have pgpool with 4 DBs, one master and 3 slaves. When perform the failover testing, we got the following in our pgpool log:
> 2015-11-12 10:57:20: pid 6404: ERROR:  unable to read message kind
> 2015-11-12 10:57:20: pid 6404: DETAIL:  kind does not match between 
> master(0) slot[0] (52)
> We searched bug tracker, see similar reported issue:
> http://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=126
> We are wondering if you have any updates to this issue. In which release will have this fix?

The report said he failed to reproduce the problem. Have you succeeded in finidng how to reproduce your problem?

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