[pgpool-general: 4191] kind does not match between master(0) slot[0] (52)

Ziyun Audrey Wang ziyun.wang at ericsson.com
Fri Nov 13 00:28:20 JST 2015


We have
# pgpool -version
 pgpool-II version 3.4.2 (tataraboshi)

we have pgpool with 4 DBs, one master and 3 slaves. When perform the failover testing, we got the following in our pgpool log:

2015-11-12 10:57:20: pid 6404: ERROR:  unable to read message kind
2015-11-12 10:57:20: pid 6404: DETAIL:  kind does not match between master(0) slot[0] (52)

We searched bug tracker, see similar reported issue:

We are wondering if you have any updates to this issue. In which release will have this fix?


Best Regards
Ziyun Audrey Wang

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