[pgpool-general: 4160] arping with pgpool

Wolf Schwurack wolf at uen.org
Tue Nov 3 01:54:12 JST 2015

I'm having problems with arping .

We have two pgpool servers using watchdog, if I stop pgpool on the primary pgpool watchdog will failover to the secondary pgpool server. But the setting for arping in pgpool.conf floods our network arp request, which cause the network to fail. I have tried different setting for the arping commard, then the network never knows about the failover of watchdog.

Here are the different setting I have tried
arping_cmd = 'arping -U $_IP_$ -w 1' : Floods network with arp request
arping_cmd = 'arping -U $_IP_$ -w 1 -c 100': Network never see failover
arping_cmd = 'arping -U $_IP_$ -w 1 -c 1000': Network never see failover
arping_cmd = 'arping -U $_IP_$ -w 1 -c 5000': Network never see failover

Servers: Ubuntu 14.04.3
Pgpool: 3.4.3
PostgreSQL: 9.4.5

Here is the setting we have in pgpool.conf
# - Virtual IP control Setting -

delegate_IP = 'My_IP_ADDRESS'
                                    # delegate IP address
                                    # If this is empty, virtual IP never bring u
                                    # (change requires restart)
ifconfig_path = '/sbin'
                                    # ifconfig command path
                                    # (change requires restart)
if_up_cmd = 'ifconfig eth0:0 inet $_IP_$ netmask'
                                    # startup delegate IP command
                                    # (change requires restart)
if_down_cmd = 'ifconfig eth0:0 down'
                                    # shutdown delegate IP command
                                    # (change requires restart)

arping_path = '/usr/local/sbin'    # arping command path
                                    # (change requires restart)

arping_cmd = 'arping -U $_IP_$ -w 1 -c 5000'
                                    # arping command
                                    # (change requires restart)
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