[pgpool-general: 3582] Master-Slave and white_function_list

Mephysto mephystoonhell at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 23:27:58 JST 2015

Hi there,
I'm using Postgres 9.4 and pgpool-II 3.4 in Master-Slave configuration and
streaming replication between nodes (two at the moment).

In my database I'm using a schema only for stored_functions, its name il
stored_functions_v0. I need some example to coonfigure white_function_list
parameter in pgpool.conf in order to balance readonly stored functions
beetween my nodes.

Can someone provide me these examples?

In case of load balancing of stored functions is feasible, how can I check
if load balancing work done?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.

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