[pgpool-general: 3573] Out of sync with actual db state (replication / load balancing mode)

Gervais de Montbrun gervais at silverorange.com
Thu Mar 26 23:39:40 JST 2015

I have two servers running with replication, load balancing, watchdog (with virtual IP) enabled.

My plan is to remove any single point of failure from my database. The web sites I am running would point to the virtual interface’s IP on whatever is running as a primary in the pgpool and there would be two database servers behind the pool. Here is my setup as it stands:

	pgpool - get’s virtual IP if it starts first


I have everything working except that the there can be a situation where one of the pgpools starts up with a stale pgpool_staus file and it thinks a backend node is either up when it is down (or down when it is up). I am not sure how to sort this out as this file seems to only be written to when pgpool stops.

Can someone suggest how to sort this out. I know that you will likely need to review any number of config files and/or scripts in my configuration. Can you let me know what you would want to see before I sanitize them all and send them on.

Also, if my plan is completely off, I am open to any alternative suggestion as to how to best achieve my goal as described above.

Gervais de Montbrun
Systems Administrator
GTalk: gervais at silverorange.com

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