[pgpool-general: 3544] Re: Add new node weirdness (master slave)

Mark Kirkwood mark.kirkwood at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Mar 18 12:08:18 JST 2015

On 18/03/15 15:12, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
>> On 18/03/15 14:42, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
>> Ahh - I understand the problem now:
>> $ sudo service pgpool2 reload
>> does nothing, but
>> $ sudo pgpool reload
>> actually sends a sighup and things work as advertised. So we have a
>> bit of confusion(!) resulting from the service setup not acting as it
>> should (Ubuntu/Debian bug)?
> I do not know the packager. Could you please contact him/her if you know?

I'm not sure - the info for the package just has 'Ubuntu Developers' as 
the maintainers. I've added a bug:


so hopefully it will get some love!



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