[pgpool-general: 3537] Add new node weirdness (master slave)

Mark Kirkwood mark.kirkwood at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Mar 18 07:18:28 JST 2015


I have a working master/slave setup (streaming) with two nodes (db1, 
db2) and added a third (db3). This is with pgpool II 3.3.2 on Ubuntu 
14.04. The topology is:
- host web1: pgpool2
- host db1-3: postgres 9.3 (package with pgpool functions)

As I understand it I should do:

- install postgres on the db3, stop the postgres service
- edit pgpool.conf to add the db3
- reload pgpool2 service
- recover db3

I found that in fact I had to:

- reload db3 - observe that db3 *not* detected.
- restart pgpool2 service - observe that new connections crash with 
'unable to initialize'
- restart pgpool2 service two more times - observe that *now* I can 
connect to db1,db2 ok and db3 is detected
- recover db3

I'm doing the 'reload' with:

$ sudo service pgpool2 reload

...and not seeing anything new appearing in the log - I'm wondering if 
'reload' is actually doing anything here...

I'll remove db3 and then add it again to see if I can reproduce the 
connection crash and et more detail.



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