[pgpool-general: 3506] Re: Pgpool can't read pool_passwd

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Wed Mar 11 07:31:48 JST 2015

You need write permission of pool_passwd for pgpool process.

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Tatsuo Ishii
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> Hi all,
> I'm currently having trouble with md5 auth on my current configuration, and
> having looked everywhere with no luck I'm now asking for some help.
> I was already able to use pgpool using "trust" auth mode on pgpool and
> backends but when switching to md5 mode I'm unable to login as the
> following error message appears:
> psql: ERROR:  "MD5" authentication with pgpool failed for user "postgres"
> Looking at pgpool logs I found the following interesting lines:
> (when booting pgpool):
> pool_init_pool_passwd: couldn't open /etc/pgpool2/pool_passwd. reason:
> Permission denied
> (Later, when trying to connect):
> pool_init_pool_passwd: couldn't open /etc/pgpool2/pool_passwd. reason:
> Permission denied
> pool_get_passwd: passwd_fd is NULL
> "MD5" authentication with pgpool failed for user "postgres"
> I double checked pgpool.cong, pool_hba.conf and pool_passwd and everything
> looked fine. Trying some brute-force I run pgpool as the root user and md5
> auth works OK. Given this, I supposed the issue was with file permissions
> but I checked pool_passwd and was readable by the postgres user, which is
> whom own the pgpool process when md5 auth doesn't work (I'm running pgpool
> as a "service" on Debian wheezy via /etc/init.d/pgpool start). I tried to
> confirm again that the postgres user is able to read pool_passwd and doing
> a "sudo su -c 'cat /etc/pgpool2/pool_passwd' postgres" works ok.
> TL;DR: When running pgpool as root md5 auth works, when not, md5 auth
> doesn't and pgpool complains "permission_denied" to pool_passwd despite
> having access to it.
> Could anyone tell me please if I am missing something? Is there a way to
> debug this? BTW I'm using pgpool provided by pgdg apt repository (
> https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Apt)
> Thanks!
> Camilo

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