[pgpool-general: 3826] PGPool (replica mode) controlled backups (scheduled, not during recovery)

James Elsdon jamesys at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 11:37:00 JST 2015

Hi there,
Just having a think about base-backups+flushed WALs under PGPool-II as a
scheduled backup (e.g not part of a restation).

What would be the best method to create such backup of a host under PGPool
I have PGPool monitoring two nodes (two servers, each with postgres and
pgpool (one active) - in replica mode)

Ultimately I would want to achieve something similar to pcp_recovery_node
without doing a node recovery.

e.g PGPool would
* block connections
* Issue pg_start_backup to both nodes
* Have both nodes pgpool_switch_xlog
* Have both nodes run a base-backup script
* unblock connections

The alternatives I can think of are
- stop pgpool & basebackup both hosts
- detach one node, base backup and recovery (and repeat)

What's the thoughts on this?

Thanks and regards,
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