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Alex Toth atoth at gravity.com
Thu Jun 4 01:30:58 JST 2015

Hi Fahad,

I'm going to have to be general because you've provided very little 
information, but I've used pgpool load balancing in AWS so I'm sure it 
works there.

Load balancing is connection based, not query based.  If you only have, 
say, one client then all the connections will go to one node, especially 
if your client does its own connection pooling.

Make sure you have "load_balance_mode = on" to make sure load balancing 
is enabled.  You can try changing the weights of the read-only slaves to 
push more read queries to them --higher numbers get more queries.

Make sure pgpool thinks all the backends are healthy.  It won't send 
queries to nodes that are not passing the health check or that have 
fallen behind in replication.  Check the pgpool logs or pcp_pool_status 
to find out (status "2" means "healthy").

Hope that helps.


On 6/3/15 00:21, Fahad Basheer wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to load balance read queries using pgpool in aws,
> My database setup is like one postgres master rds  and two read 
> replicas of the master
> But not able to load balance the read queries. All the queries are 
> going to  node 0( host 0).
> Postgresql Version -  9.4
> Pgpool Version  -  3.1
> Thanks in Advance
> Regards,
> Fahad
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