[pgpool-general: 3905] pgpool num_init_children with 10000 Concurrent connections

liujinfei liujinfei at xiangrikui.com
Fri Jul 31 11:39:40 JST 2015

Hi, All

Yesterday I have test pgpool with pgbench :
pgbench -c 30 -T 20 -r pgbench -p9999 -h192.168.8.28
Concurrent connections is 30, pgpool default num_init_children is 32.
So, when I set -c 33 ,test will blocked unless I break out.
My question is :
If my concurrent connections online is 10000, should I set num_init_children=10000?
It is terrible that num_init_children=10000 means pgpool start with 10000 process.
Is there something wrong ?
How can I config pgpool with 10000 concurrent connections?

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