[pgpool-general: 3895] pgpool doesn't see the new master on failover

Maksym Filenko maksym.filenko at kreditech.com
Tue Jul 28 00:18:41 JST 2015

Hey everyone,

I've set up exactly this configuration:

I have two instances of pgpool-II version 3.3.4 (tokakiboshi) in front of
two PostgreSQL 9.4.3.

I have following in my pgpool.conf:

failover_command = '/var/lib/postgresql/9.4/main/failover.sh %d %P %H %R'

When master goes down and failover occurs, pgpool passes nothing to
failover.sh as the new master hostname (%H) and database cluster path (%R):

$ grep 'failover' /var/log/messages
failover_handler: no valid DB node found
execute command: /var/lib/postgresql/9.4/main/failover.sh 0 0
failover: set new primary node: -1

If the slave fails, everything works as expected:

$ grep 'failover' /var/log/messages
execute command: /var/lib/postgresql/9.4/main/failover.sh 1 0
db1.example.com /var/lib/postgresql/9.4/main
failover: set new primary node: 0
failover: set new master node: 0

Looks like pgpool doesn't see the slave to promote it.

Any clue would be extremely appreciated!

Best regards,
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