[pgpool-general: 3884] Master Slave Node Connection Issues

Jonathan Eastgate jonathan.eastgate at simpro.co
Wed Jul 22 15:27:32 JST 2015

Hi there.

We're running PGPoolII in a Master-Slave setup with 3 servers - one being
the primary and 2 as slaves.

We have it running in non-loadbalance mode using Postgresql Streaming

What we've noticed though is that when a connection is opened to PGPool it
is in turn opening a connection to each server - the Master and both

This seems odd - and in our setup - where one of the slaves is
geographically removed (distanced from the master) causes each connection
to slow down dramatically.

Preferably we'd like to see PGPool only connect to the Master - and not the
other two slaves if that can be set - or alternatively is there a way of
reducing the speed impact of connecting to geo separated slave?

Any help or advice on dealing with this appreciated ;-)



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