[pgpool-general: 3869] pcp_node_recovery error - debug

Luca Ambrosini luca_ambro94 at hotmail.it
Mon Jul 13 18:48:37 JST 2015

Hi everyone. 
I am using pgpool 3.3.4 (replication mode) and postgresql 9.3 on all clusters with ubuntu 14.04 , i installed pg_recovery on every machine.

This is my network configuration : pgpool server node0 —> offline node to recover node1 node2 

On pgpool server i run :

pcp_recovery_node -d 200 localhost 9898 postgres postgres 0
DEBUG: send: tos="R", len=46
DEBUG: recv: tos="r", len=21, data=AuthenticationOK
DEBUG: send: tos="D", len=6
DEBUG: recv: tos="e", len=20, data=recovery failed
DEBUG: command failed. reason=recovery failed
DEBUG: send: tos="X", len=4

If manually start copy_base_backup (1st stage recovery command) on node1 or node2 with right parameters to recovery node0 everything works fine.

Here are my questions :
 - Considered that the master node is offline , witch node should be used to restore node0 ?
 - What should be the problem ?
 - What should i do to debug and get more informations about this backed error ?

Thanks everyone,
Ambrosini Luca

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