[pgpool-general: 3854] pgpool configuration

Ioana Danes ioanasoftware at yahoo.ca
Tue Jul 7 21:48:03 JST 2015

Hi Everyone,

I am doing a performance test on pgpool only for pooling, no replication, no failover and no load balancing. 

Here is a snapshot of the pgpool parameters I thought are relevant:

num_init_children = 200
max_pool = 1
child_life_time = 300
child_max_connections = 0
connection_life_time = 0
client_idle_limit = 0

connection_cache = on
reset_query_list = 'ABORT; DISCARD ALL'

replication_mode = off
load_balance_mode = off
master_slave_mode = off
use_watchdog = off

Postgres database has max_connections = 250 and there is no other application using it.

I am using 1300 clients and with tomcat jdbc connection pool it typically needs around 60 database connections. When I am using pgpool instead of tomcat jdbc connection pool I run out of the 200 connections when not even half of the clients are running.

Error from the web application:

persistence.StorageException: The connection attempt failed.


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)

Is this the expected behaviour, is Tomcat connection pooling better that pgpool at reusing connections or I am doing something wrong?

Thank you,

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