[pgpool-general: 3842] health check on standby node

Wes Mitchell wes.mitchell at ericsson.com
Wed Jul 1 15:21:27 JST 2015

I am puzzled by the following behavior:

  1.  Two nodes, each running pgpool/PG, master on 0, hot standby on 1, configured for streaming replication.
  2.  I bring down the database on the standby, node 1
  3.  Both pgpools mark the standby node as down
  4.  I bring the standby database back up
  5.  Nothing happens

If I manually restart the standby, should I always use pcp attach node to get the pgpool processes to recognize the standby?
Or, is there a config parameter I can set to have pgpool try the dead standby periodically, to detect when it comes back?

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