[pgpool-general: 3434] finding up-to-date slave

Özgür Köy ozgur.koy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 01:14:11 JST 2015


I am using a repmgr - pgpool combo to control the replication. I chose to use the failover of pgpool instead of repmgr’s auto failover functionality . i have simple daemons running on set members interacting with pgpool’s failover functionality results.

Now I am looking into a scenario that a server comes back to life from a power problem, and checks all the servers in the set ( in which there’s no master left, all slaves ) and must decide to clone from the most up-to-date slave . And then it’ll take over from there being a master.

Maybe i should be asking this to repmgr people too, but is there a way pgpool can help me any point ? i think the regular configuration and functionality won’t help me here but there might be something you might point to -maybe related to repmgr- so that the set itself can find the most up-to-date server and recover from readonly to active.

thanks in advance.

Özgür Köy

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