[pgpool-general: 3431] Re: Fwd: Upgrading PostgreSQL to V9.4.0

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Wed Jan 21 08:09:53 JST 2015

My guess is, pg_upgrade found pgpool_regclass in pg_proc and looked
for its .so file and failed. When you start the old server, do you
see the function by using \df command of psql?

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Tatsuo Ishii
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> Hi all,
> I've hit a snag while trying to upgrade my PostgreSQL primary server
> from V9.3.3 to V9.4.0 related to PGPool-II. I had turned off both
> pgpool and the old postgresql server and tried to run pg_upgrade, but
> it failed with a 'Could not load library
> "$libdir/pgpool-regclass"'. (BTW, if you're running streaming
> replication, you either need to leave a standby running for
> pg_upgrade, or reconfigure your primary to be a standalone.) I had
> assumed that I was going to need to reinstall pgpool, and was going to
> take the opportunity to upgrade that to the latest version as well,
> but how do I get this extension out of here for now? I've tried
> restarting the original database and entering "drop extension
> pgpool-regclass", but that says no such extension, and while I'm not
> exactly certain where the extensions are recorded, I didn't see this
> listed in pg_extensions either. Nevertheless, pg_upgrade keeps
> throwing an error in the loadable_libraries.txt file when run.
> Help?,
> Jay
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