[pgpool-general: 3428] Fwd: Upgrading PostgreSQL to V9.4.0

John Scalia jayknowsunix at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 00:13:36 JST 2015

Hi all,

I've hit a snag while trying to upgrade my PostgreSQL primary server from V9.3.3 to V9.4.0 related to PGPool-II. I had turned off both pgpool and the old postgresql server and 
tried to run pg_upgrade, but it failed with a 'Could not load library "$libdir/pgpool-regclass"'. (BTW, if you're running streaming replication, you either need to leave a standby 
running for pg_upgrade, or reconfigure your primary to be a standalone.) I had assumed that I was going to need to reinstall pgpool, and was going to take the opportunity to 
upgrade that to the latest version as well, but how do I get this extension out of here for now? I've tried restarting the original database and entering "drop extension 
pgpool-regclass", but that says no such extension, and while I'm not exactly certain where the extensions are recorded, I didn't see this listed in pg_extensions either. 
Nevertheless, pg_upgrade keeps throwing an error in the loadable_libraries.txt file when run.


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