[pgpool-general: 3475] Hot stand by streaming replication and pgpool setup

Gurunadh Venkata gurunadh.venkata at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 20:53:47 JST 2015

Hi all,

I am new to the pgpool.

Now i want to show a demo to the client where PPAS is installed in two
machines and Streaming replication has been setup between those two

His requirement is Load should balanced on both the nodes and if master
node fails then standby should switch to Master.

Till Hot-stand by streaming replication i have done the setup and it is
working fine.

Please suggest me how to configure the pgpool + streaming replication setup
with load balancing feature and Failover/Switchback.What parameters need's
to be changed in pgpool side to achieve Load balancing and
HA(failover/switchback)  .I am planning to install pgpool on the Master
server itself.

Server details
Master server
slave Sever
pgpool running on
EDB version PPAS 9.4
Pgpool version 3.4

Thanks & Regards,
G V Gurunadh.
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