[pgpool-general: 3461] Recovery question

Jonis Maurin Ceara jonis at fearp.usp.br
Thu Feb 5 06:28:28 JST 2015


I'm new to pgpool and I'm trying to make it work in my test lab. I have 3 machines: 
a) pgpool-II 
b) Server 1 
c) Server 2 

I have pgpool-2 setup and running using replication = true and balance = true. Everything looks fine! 
What I couldn't make work is online recovery. Do I really need external scripts (bash) to make this work? Is there any good tutorial how to use those script (the latest scripts in 'sample' folder)? I saw some tutorials, but those uses 3th part scripts or older ones. 
I also have pgpoolAdmin running. 

My PGSQL version is 9.4 and I'm running pgpool 3.4 

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