[pgpool-general: 3989] Re: pgpool-3.4.3: Unix domain socket cleanup not working

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Wed Aug 19 22:05:26 JST 2015

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> we are using pgpool-3.4.3 on Centos 7 from the PostgreSQL YUM repositories. A quick look at the
> pgpool code showed that FileUnlink is registered using on_proc_exit to delete the unix domain
> socket used for communication with pgpool.
> This somehow fails in our case. After starting pgpool the socket is created. Stopping pgpool does
> not cause deletion of the socket and prevents pgpool from being started again. Manually removing
> the socket fixes the problem.
> Our pgpool is running on another server than the postgres instance and listens on *:5432.
> What can I do to help debug this problem?

We do not support the RPM from PostgreSQL YUM repository. Please use
our office repository at:


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