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Jonathan Eastgate jonathan.eastgate at simpro.co
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Hi guys.

Thanks for those replies.

Not quite what I'm questioning though so let me try and explain better.

When the server is acting as a primary - running streaming replication to a
standby - does PGpool require any of the older files in the Wal archive
directory prior to the execution of the basebackup.sh script during a
resync of the standby?

I ask this because during resync of a standby it appears the Master does
calls for base_backup - which would indicate the the slave node won't
require any Wal archives prior to that point?

Hope that makes it a little clearer?


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On Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 2:03 AM, Darryl Wisneski <
darryl.wisneski at finalsite.com> wrote:

> gzip in the archive_command helps with disk usage.
> A daily basebackup out of cron would enable you to nuke WALs older than
> the most recent basebackup’s 'backup history file.'
> Adjust your WAL and basebackup archive retention based on business
> requirements.
> -dkw
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> Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 10:44 PM
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> Subject: [pgpool-general: 3958] Archive Cleanup
> Hi everyone.
> We have a successful PGPoolII installation running nicely using streaming
> replication.
> However we're trying to work out what we need to keep in our WAL archives
> - as these are filling up quickly.
> Do we need to run a manual base_backup regularly and clean up anything
> prior to that in the Wal archive folder? Or based on the fact that PGPool
> runs a base_backup during a resync when required - that in fact we don't
> need any of the wal archives?
> Would be interested to know how people are handling this?
> Thanks
> *Jonathan*
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