[pgpool-general: 3956] How promote pgpool II a slave among many slaves

David Vázquez dvazquez at hoplasoftware.com
Tue Aug 11 21:48:46 JST 2015


Let me introduce myself, my name is David Vazquez and this is my first
request in this mail list. I hope you could clarify me.

Recently, I have been working in a project and I have a doubt about how
promote pgpool II a slave to master (in the case that you have more than
one slave). Is there any rule or parameter?

I was checking the doc, but I can't understand how it works:

In the case that multiple PostgreSQL are sharing, watchdog synchronizes
the DB node statuses information between pgpool-II. When failover
command (attaching, detaching, or promoting node) is executed in any
pgpool-II, the same command is executed in all other pgpool-II.

May anyone help me?

Thanks in advanced. David V.

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