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Dear Tatsuo Ishii, Thanks for your reply:

pgpool : (master),
postgresql: (slaver),

When i test with postgresql, it cost a little time ( 5 seconds) to establish new connection.

pgbench -l -c 1024 -t 5 -r pgbench -p5432 -h192.168.9.133 -Unopass

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 I have test pgpool with pgbench as follows:    pgbench -l -c 1024 -t 5 -r pgbench -p9999 -h192.168.9.190 -Unopass    I find pgpool cost a lot of time (20 seconds) to establish 1024 connection.    2015-08-10 19:58:20: pid 18756: DETAIL: connecting host= port=34465  2015-08-10 19:58:21: pid 18206: LOG: new connection received  2015-08-10 19:58:21: pid 18206: DETAIL: connecting host= port=34466  2015-08-10 19:58:21: pid 19039: LOG: new connection received    How to config pgpool.conf to speed up new connection? I assume you run pgbench on, pgpool-II is running on and PostgreSQL runs somewhere (you didn't mention it). I recommend you to run pgbench against PostgreSQL and see how long the connection establish time is: pgbench -l -c 1024 -t 5 -r pgbench -p9999 -h IP_PostgreSQL_RUNS_ON -Unopass If it's something like 20 seconds, pgpool-II has not much to do with it because the overhead comes from PostgreSQL. Best regards, -- Tatsuo Ishii SRA OSS, Inc. Japan English: http://www.sraoss.co.jp/index_en.php Japanese:http://www.sraoss.co.jp
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