[pgpool-general: 3660] Re: postgresql and pgpool - how best to set up a no data loss solution

Christophe Pettus xof at thebuild.com
Mon Apr 27 10:20:45 JST 2015

On Apr 26, 2015, at 6:10 PM, Derek <derek_kouch at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

> Could setting up a pg_xlog folder synchronisation between the master and standby help with reducing the risk of data loss? Or would this cause potential data corruption?

It's unlikely that will do better than streaming replication by itself; the replication stream will almost always lead individual pg_xlog segments.  Synchronizing on sub-WAL-segment boundaries probably won't do much better.  In any event, those won't guarantee you won't lose a committed transaction.

If you simply cannot afford to lose a committed transaction, synchronous replication is your choice.
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