[pgpool-general: 3586] Re: Master-Slave and white_function_list

Alex Toth atoth at gravity.com
Wed Apr 1 05:10:54 JST 2015

If I understand  your question correctly you want to balance functions 
in the schema stored_functions_v0.  I believe the only way is to list 
all of the functions, but you can use regex pattern matching to make 
life easier.  For example, if all those functions have "_v0" at the end 
of the name you could do something like this:

white_function_list = '.*_v0'
black_function_list = '.*'

To see the load balancing happen you'll have to turn on query logging on 
the backends and watch the postgres logs.  Remember, the load balancing 
is by connection rather than by query so you'll have to disconnect and 
reconnect each time to see the queries distribute across both backends.


On 3/31/15 7:27, Mephysto wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm using Postgres 9.4 and pgpool-II 3.4 in Master-Slave configuration 
> and streaming replication between nodes (two at the moment).
> In my database I'm using a schema only for stored_functions, its name 
> il stored_functions_v0. I need some example to coonfigure 
> white_function_list parameter in pgpool.conf in order to balance 
> readonly stored functions beetween my nodes.
> Can someone provide me these examples?
> In case of load balancing of stored functions is feasible, how can I 
> check if load balancing work done?
> Thanks in advance.
> Kind regards.
> Meph
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