[pgpool-general: 3198] pgpool admin hangs after slave shutdowns

pgpoolmail at web.de pgpoolmail at web.de
Thu Sep 25 17:50:30 JST 2014


i am working on a setup using pgpool in master-slave mode with two postgres databases. Everything works so far as expected. For monitoring pgpool i use pgpool admin. I have tried version 3.3.1 and 3.2.2. Here also everything works as expected excepts that if one of the databases shutdowns (basically is not reachable via the IP) also the pgpool admin in the web browser is not reachable anymore. In the shell pgpool works fine, I can access the remaining postgres database. I do not see anything in pgpool.log. It seems that the pgpooladmin requires to have master/slave to be reachable for some reasons. But this does not make any sense to me. Does somebody have here an idea?


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