[pgpool-general: 3131] OID sequence difference after online recovery

Michel Kirstein kirstein at tuhh.de
Tue Sep 2 16:44:04 JST 2014


I'm running a dedicated pgpool server (pgpoool-II version 3.3.2) with 3
dedicated postgresql-cluster( PostgreSQL 9.1.12) in replication mode with

I test if the Database is synchronized through a short script:
- Create database
- get oids for new db from nodes
- Drop database

I've started testing with all nodes attached and in sync.
Next I created a new database on pgsql3 and just dropped it again.
This advanced the db-oid sequence by just one.
I then detach node 3 from pgpool and start online-recovery.
After the successful online-recovery I run the synctest.script.
This time the oid of the databse on node 3 has advanced by something just
over 8000.
Whatever I do, I cannot get the node back in sync with the other two.

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