[pgpool-general: 3223] Pgpool configured with cascade replication

Sajeev Mayandi sajeev1mayandi at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 15 15:32:55 JST 2014

I am little new to pgpool. I configured pgpool on the same server as the database PostgreSQL 9.2.
1) Master Node1(with pgpool)2) slave node 2(with pgpool)3) slave node3.(with pgpool): node3 is cascaded from node2.
I configured pgpool  all the three node with correct settings.   I tested the failover and pgpool successfully makes slave node2 as a master. So far so good.  
My issue starts after the failover. After the failover I believe  the original master is degenerated. But I can't recover it and start the pgpool again the old master. The reason been is that 
is pointing to slave node 3. Some how pgpool refuses to start unless I change hostname0 to the new master i.e node2.  I was assuming the pgpool  should each of other_pgpool_hostname  and decide if its slave or a master. Why does it mandates that hostname0 i.e  hast to be master node.
Appreciate the help,
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