[pgpool-general: 3311] error messages

Yaron Naveh yaronn01 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 04:38:17 JST 2014


Is there a wiki with the possible pgpool log/error messages and what they
mean? This can help a lot in troubleshooting. In particular I see these
messages in my log. Can you tell me which ones are errors and what they

pool_send_and_wait: Error or notice message from backend: : DB node id: 0
backend pid: 32113 statement: select  1 from table.my_function()
message: Got none

canceling statement due to conflict with recovery

connection closed. retry to create new connection pool.

ERROR: pid 25914: pool_flush_it: write failed to backend (3). reason:
Broken pipe offset: 0 wlen: 5

connect_inet_domain_socket: select() timed out. retrying...

do_child: failback event found. restart myself.

Thanks a lot!


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