[pgpool-general: 3276] Re: Issues with pgpool 3.3.3 and failover

Karthick Thanigaimani kargold100 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 13 13:22:00 JST 2014

Thanks Tatsuo, is there anything else we can do instead of upgrading or changing the connect_inet_domain_socket_by_port(). 
I am asking this as a temporary workaround till we upgrade to 3.3.4 Please advise


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Probably this:


Upgrading to 3.3.4 should fix the problem.

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> Hi we have postgres 9.3.4 with pgpool 3.3 configured. we are facing the below errors and the pgpool goes out of sync though the streaming replication works fine:
> :2014-11-10 02:47:25 ERROR: pid 26332: connect_inet_domain_socket: select() timed out
> 2:2014-11-10 02:47:25 ERROR: pid 26332: make_persistent_db_connection: connection to node0(5432) failed
> 3:2014-11-10 02:47:25 ERROR: pid 26332: health check failed. 0 th host node0 at port 5432 is down
> the health_check_timeout is set to 15seconds and the system admin confirmed that there is network latency between the 2 nodes. there are no iptable rules set as well
> Any idea why this issue is happening quiet frequenbtly and anything can be done to fix it permamently?
> Thanks Karthick
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